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1) Andrew Coyne is waging one heck of a crusade against the Tory budget and I must say – give me a sword! When this guys picks an issue to feel passionate about, you do not want him against you.

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-And a link to Jack Mintz’s critique of the ever expanding tax code. Next year: tax rebates on dental floss!

2. Stockwell Day is in trouble again…

3. More reports on the new era of peace between provinces and the federal government.

4. The opposition parties pass Paul Martin’s private members bill on the Kelowna Accord which the Tories plan to ignore. Of note, Brian Mulroney has spoken out in favour of the bill.

5. John Ivison has a good article on the potential of the Tories converting to Kyoto. He opens with a brilliant line: “The suggestion from this week’s budget is, if there was a sizeable voting population of Vikings in the country, he’d offer up a few villages in Newfoundland to plunder.”

6. On the flip side, the Liberals are now not only backing Harper’s crime bill, but trying to fast track it.

7. I’ll leave the comments to those in Ontario, but Dalton McGuinty has brought in a pre-election budget of his own.

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