Mid-Week Musings

1. Paul Hellyer has proven himself to, yet again, be a man of ideas. His solution for global warming? Use alien technology. Had he simply brought up this idea a year ago, I think the Draft Paul Hellyer campaign would have been a lot more successful.

2. Speaking of Kyoto solutions which will never ever happen in a million years, Toby Heaps (who crown Mulroney the greenest PM) has proposed his Kyoto plan which includes, among other things, a 10 cent gas tax. The article also mentions how the Liberals are now considering a carbon tax.

3. Cerberus is back! And he’s got a good run down on the political landscape in Ontario as we build up to their fall election.

4. It ain’t quite Vote Out Anders, but I thought I’d send some props to the David Sweet Watch.

5. I’m sure you all saw it already on Wells site, but Hill and Knowlton has a very flawed, but very fun, seat predictor for the Quebec election up on their site.

6. There’s a new Decima Poll out which will certainly tempt Harper to go for a spring election. Tories up 36-27, including a sizeable lead in Ontario.

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