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  • 294,002

    The Liberal leadership race is the first real test of the supporter system, and with the cut-off to sign up and vote now passed, we have our first indication of how successful the experiment has been: That’s over twice as many members as the NDP recruited last spring, and over 100,000 more than the highly […]

  • Mulcair’s win was inevitable…but was it predictable?

    PunditsGuide concludes her top notch NDP leadership coverage with the vote breakdown of advance and in-person ballots. White Nathan Cullen “won” the convention vote, Mulcair had enough support among advanced voters that he could have dropped his pants and sung La Marseillaise during his Friday night speech, and likely still carried the day. So the […]

  • Mulcair Triumphs

    Thomas Mulcair is the second ever NDP leader of the opposition after a four ballot victory yesterday morning…and afternoon…and evening. Although Brian Topp was seen as the establishment candidate and was hyped as the early favourite, we shouldn’t be surprised that Mulcair came out on top. Since his Outremont by election win in 2007, everyone […]

  • Final NDP Power Rankings

    The NDP crowns its next leader tomorrow, and the best we can do at this point is narrow the field down to 5 possible winners. That’s a far cry from September when the Brian Topp juggernaut was described as Martinesque. I made my “secret Liberal memo” endorsements earlier this month, and my opinion hasn’t changed […]

  • NDP Leadership Power Rankings

    Last month I looked at how NDP leadership candidates stacked up on various metrics, in a mostly futile attempt to handicap the race. With the Dippers’ vote a week away, here are the updated Power Rankings (click to view): MPs: Despite losing an MP to Brian Topp this week, Mulcair continues to dominate with 43 […]

  • The Dippers Vote

    Ballots have arrived to thousands of NDP members, who now have until March 24th to vote for a leader. Originally, the field reminded me a lot of the 2006 Liberal leadership race, with the role of the establishment front runner lacking elected experience played by Brian Topp, the polished veteran who wore different colours provincially […]

  • The Orange Trickle

    According to Postmedia, NDP membership numbers have “skyrocketed“: NDP memberships skyrocket heading into leadership vote OTTAWA — The number of NDP members has increased by about 50 per cent in the past few months, a sign that interest is rising as the party approaches its leadership vote next month. In all, there are 128,351 members […]

  • Who will win the race for Stornoway?

    Leadership races are tricky beasts to project, due to their insular nature. There are few meaningful polls, the media is being spun in twelve directions, and the air war rarely corresponds to the ground war. Name recognition and a spiffy social media campaign are a lot less important than having organizers who can deliver hundreds […]

  • Speed Dating with the Dippers

    Sunday’s NDP debate was a chance to get a first look at the field of candidates, for the 99.9% of Canadians who don’t have the complete collection of Paul Dewar speeches on their Ipod. With nine debaters on stage, it’s impossible to get anything more than a sense of each candidate and what they stand […]

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