Category: BC Politics

  • Chickening Out On Change

    We’ve been reminded this week that an 8-point lead in the dying days of an election campaign is about as safe as a 2-goal lead in the final 90 seconds of a playoff hockey game. Never take anything for granted. Despite leading by between 2 to 9 points in every poll fielded over the past […]

  • No Bull

    I watched bits of the BC Leaders debate last night, mainly out of curiosity to learn about soon-to-be Premier Adrian Dix and see the man in action. I wasn’t overly impressed, but I don’t think the BC NDP need an overly impressive leader to win what looks to be essentially a slam dunk election. But […]

  • Provincial Unrest

    Angus Reid has released their quarterly Premier approval ratings. As per usual, Brad Wall is more popular than God, and everyone else is a little more human: Wall (SK): 64% approve, 28% disapprove Alward (NB): 41% approve, 50% disapprove Selinger (MB): 38% approve, 49% disapprove Wynne (ON): 36% approve, 37% disapprove Marois (QC): 33% approve, […]

  • The Wisdom of the Masses

    The UBC Election Stock Market proved to be a lot of fun during the 2008 election, as Canadians could bet up to $1000 on the outcome they expected. For some of us, it proved to be expensive fun, but fun nevertheless. The good news is, the market is back, just in time for this spring’s […]

  • Provincial Matters

    Your Friday morning coast-to-coast link roundup: Atlantic Canada: CRA’s quarterly poll numbers have been released, showing the PCs up by 12 in New Brunswick¬†and the NDP up by just 2 in Nova Scotia. The PEI headlines scream about¬†“plunging” satisfaction with the Ghiz government, but the Liberals still lead 20 points – I think most Premiers […]

  • Extinguished

    It’s hardly the kind of decisive victory the anti-HST movement would have expected a year ago, but 55% of British Columbian have voted to replace the HST with the GST and PST. One immediate consequence of this is that Christy Clark and Jim Flaherty will need to come to some kind of deal over how […]

  • The only person who talks about coalitions more than Stephen Harper…

    From Christy Clark’s victory speech last night: “Our party is a coalition, it is a great coalition, and I am proud of the support that I have received from all elements of that coalition.” Clark’s talk of the BC Liberal “coalition” is a direct response to her largest challenge – keeping the right flank of […]

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