2007 Ontario Election

McGuinty Majority

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McGuinty cruises to an easy majority win – kudos to his team on a well run campaign. As for John Tory…well, it was better than ’93 if nothing else…

More interestingly, MMP is getting crushed and the Greens appear to be doing fairly good (but no seats).

UPDATE: Tory loses his seat but vows to stay on. Final results:

Liberals 71
PCs 26
NDP 10

Greens get a moral victory, but there’s very little for the PCs or NDP to be happy about in these results.

Random Links

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I’ve been fairly busy of late so I’ve got a bunch of half posts that never materialized and e-mails with links I’ve never got around to posting sitting around. So, here’s a completely random Friday link list:

1. The Better Calgary Coalition has their website up and online. They’ll be commenting on the civic election in Calgary and *gasp* actually talking about the issues. Some of the issues getting media play so far in the campaign have been taxes and transit. Although, given the weather in Calgary, the sleeper issue might very well be snow removal.

2. Speaking of the race so far, I’d like to direct all my Ward 3 readers over to George Chahal’s website. George is a very strong candidate who would be a big addition to council – go check out his site to see what he’s talking about.

3. A hot rumour going around is that Bronconnier has brought on Rod Love and Hal Danchilla to help with his campaign. Hmm….Setting him up to replace Stelmach perhaps?

4. Saskliberal.ca is up and running.

5. From the people who brought you Derision 2006 comes The Goose, a satirical look at the Ontario election.

6. Here’s an article slamming biofuels.

This Liberal Outrage Brought to you by FOX News…

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The Tories have a pretty funny You Tube ad up about he Ontario election.

Mind you, given copyright laws, they might be needing one of these soon:

Monday Night News Hits

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-The Ontario election is off and running…after being off and running for the past few months. I’d be betting on a McGuinty majority.

SES has a town hall set up for the Ontario election where, amongst other things, you can try and beat the experts with your predictions. Sounds like fun.

-Stephen Harper has Senate envy. Except in this case, he’s not envious of the size, but of how Australia uses it.

Veil voting has become a hot topic in the Quebec by elections. To me, it doesn’t seem unreasonable, so long as veiled voters can show their face to a female elections officer. The vote will be on September 17th.

Morning Round-Up

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1. Yesterday, Dave Bronconnier declared September as “yellow ribbon month” in Calgary. While the timing is a bit suspect, rumour has it that October will be declared “provincial/municipal funding agreement awareness month” or “celebration of overpass construction month”.

2. Brian Mulroney is in the news for “lashing out” against Pierre Trudeau. To be clear, this is a former Prime Minister trashing another former Prime Minister who has been dead for seven years, over things the later did a quarter century before becoming PM. Real classy Brian – good to see you aren’t bitter or anything.

The Calgary Sun calls it a “clash of the titans”, but I’m not sure it can really be considered a clash when one of the “clashers” isn’t really able to, you know, respond.

3. Fred Thompson has jumped into the Presidential race and I’d have to peg him as the odds on favourite to take the Republican nomination at this point. The same way a lot of Liberals are longing for another Trudeau, one imagines a lot of Republicans would love to find the next Reagan and Thompson will probably be close enough for many of them.

4. Interesting move for McGuinty to release his full platform over a month before election day.

5. For those who missed it on Saturday, here’s the link to Andrew Coyne’s “politics here is uniquely stupid” column. Gotta agree, at least partially.

Two Stories…

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…both of which the Grant Devine Fan Club will love:


OTTAWA — Special Liberal fundraising events have so far failed to put much of a dent in the almost $4 million in debts racked up by 11 former leadership contenders.

The first event in Halifax two weeks ago — a cocktail reception featuring Leader Stephane Dion and six of his erstwhile rivals — attracted about 60 people who paid $250 each. After expenses, however, party insiders say the event netted only about $5,400.

$250 * 60 = $15,000. So that means there was about $10,000 in costs for a 60 person event. How hard is it to cook up some rubber chicken and have Bob Rae play a few tunes on the piano? Whoever organized this thing should not be organizing fundraisers.

2. Ways not to kick off a re-election campaign.

Monday Morning Round Up

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1. Oh, sure, he’s all “Mr. I Can Take a Punch” until Harry Rosen uses him in a cartoon. Watch out Aislin!

[Reader Challenge: A big kudos to whoever can find a picture of the ad online. An even bigger kudos to whoever can find some sort of proof that Stephen’s stylist has picked out Harry Rosen clothing for him in the past.]

2. With PEI, Manitoba, and (for now) Quebec, all behind us, the eyes of election aficionados turn next to Ontario. SES has it in a dead heat:

Liberal 29.8%
Tories 29.8%
NDP 16%
Greens 9.3%

That, in itself, isn’t too bad, but it’s not a good sign for McGuinty that he ties Tory on the “best Premier” question and that wrong track beats right direction 46% to 35.3%.

I still think McGuinty will win, but both Ontario and Saskatchewan should be interesting to watch this fall.

3. Down in the States, the Dems held a New Hampshire debate on Sunday, with Edwards going after the top 2. Speculation continues about Al Gore. And for Republicans finally have a candidate able to run a credible law and order campaign.

4. This week’s Hill Times has an article about Tory staffers being less than pleased about being banned from facebook. Perhaps most interesting is that Stephen Taylor is their source for defending the government position in the story (at the same time his blog hypes the new blogging Tories facebook application).

Random Thoughts on the MMP Ontario Referendum

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The year above was the last time the Tories got more votes in Ontario than the Liberal and NDP cumulative vote.

Just thought I’d toss that out there.

Provincial Matters

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Unless you’re a hockey fan, it figures to be a pretty slow news weekend. So I thought it might be a good time for a little election speculation. However, it certainly seems to me that there’s a speculatory imbalance with all the hype being on the federal vote, so I figured I’d take a looksy at some of the provincial elections coming up this year. I’m certainly not an expert in the intricacies of Newfoundland or Manitoban politics, so this is more of an open thread for those closer to the action to give their two cents on the local scene.


October 10th, 2007 will be voting day as Dalton McGuinty guns for a second term against the tory Tory. The latest SES numbers have the Liberals ahead, although not at their 2003 numbers quite yet:

Lib 41
PC 33
NDP 17

Despite the early flack for broken promises, I’d be surprised to see McGuinty lose this one.

Newfoundland & Labrador

King Williams seems to be the safest Premier in Canada these days, with opinions polls showing him miles ahead of an opposition in disarray. Despite a recent by election win by the Liberals, this should be another walk in the park for Danny as he runs on his anti-Ottawa platform.

It’s weird – politicians who are adored outside of their home provinces like Bernard Lord and Jean Charest are usually reviled at home, while those who turn into punch lines like Danny Williams and Ralph Klein are the ones who cruise to record majorities.


Lorne Calvert will certainly be tempted to take a page from Premier Williams and wage war on Ottawa during the next campaign. Despite an economic boom, after 16 years in power, voters seem to be tiring of NDP government and the Sask Party (slogan: “Just like the old PCs, minus the kick backs!”) has routinely been ahead in the polls over the past year. They are led by Brad Wall who I doubt anyone outside of Saskatchewan has ever heard of.


You probably want to check out Hack’s blog for the low down on Manitoba politics, but it certainly sounds like the opposition are poised to knock off Gary Doer here.


Pat Binns is the Premier. Above and beyond that, I really don’t have anything insightful to say about the state of PEI politics. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

UPDATE: OK, here’s some news on PEI.


My money is on 2008 for the next election but it could be joining the 007 club if Ed Stelmach decides he wants to get his own mandate. It has been 36 years since the last government change here so, even by Alberta standards, we are due. The Liberals have their sights set on a Calgary breakthrough as the former farmer Stelmach is seen to be anti-Calgary in many circles (those circles usually comprising of Jim Dinning supporters). But with an electoral map which favours rural Alberta dramatically, it would take one heck of a stumble for the Tories to fall out of power.

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