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  • Happy Anniversary!

    One year ago today, Stephen Harper turned an “unwanted election” into his first majority government, Jack Layton and the NDP soared to never before seen heights, and Liberals spent the evening curled up in a fetal position sobbing in the corner. On political anniversaries, it’s tempting to give each party a thumbs up or thumbs […]

  • ELXN41

    This post is just a collection of blog postings on the past election, for the sidebar archives. Consider it a place to visit at any point over the next four years when you’re feeling nostalgic for daily polls, ads, and news stories. POST MORTEMSConservativesNDPLiberalsBlocGreens PREDICTIONS AND PROJECTIONS How the polls and projections fared A round […]

  • Election Post-Mortem: The Conservatives

    Previously: NDP, Bloc, Liberals, Greens A lot has been written over the past two weeks about the election that was, but nearly all of it has been about Jack Layton’s victory. This may be a bit unfair to the election’s actual winner, so let’s pause for a moment to reflect on what Stephen Harper accomplished […]

  • Election Post Mortem: The NDP

    I don’t have much to add to the post-election discussion on the NDP’s past, present, and future, as most of the key points have already been beaten to death. But it’s worth a moment to pause and appreciate what Jack Layton accomplished last Monday. Layton inherited a party with 13 seats in the House of […]

  • Election Post-Mortem: The Bloc

    I was tempted to just post a snide comment along the lines of “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” and leave it at that for the Bloc post-mortem. But their collapse may very well be the most sudden and shocking in the history of Canadian politics, so it deserves more than […]

  • 20 Answers

    At the start of the election, I asked 20 questions – 50 of you took the time to answer them, and now we’re able to crown a winner. But first, a look at the correct answers: 1. Will Elizabeth May win her seat? Yes. 2. Will the Conservatives sweep Alberta? No. Once again, Linda Duncan […]

  • Election Post Mortem: The Liberals

    In the 2004 election, the Liberal Party lost 37 seats. Liberals blamed this on Adscam, and they blamed it on Dalton McGuinty. This was considered a bad result, but the good news was voters had gotten it out of their system and, regardless, they’d never make Stephen Harper Prime Minister so there was a little […]

  • Ad Watch: The Best of Elxn41

    Over the past month, I’ve asked you to rate election commercials. I’ve gone back and calculated the mean grade for each, and will now count down the top 5 ads of the election. You’ll notice the following are all NDP or Liberal commercials. The Greens’ clever “change the channel” spot comes in at number 6, […]

  • Election Post-Mortem: The Greens

    The Greens got 360,000 more votes in 2008 than on Monday – in fact, they lost a larger proportion of their vote than either the Liberals or the Bloc. And yet, the 2011 election will go down as a historic night for the Green Party of Canada, having elected its first MP. Making sense of […]

  • Je m’excuse

    If there’s one thing these election results have shown, it’s that we all owe Stephane Dion a big apology. For the past 3 years, he has been the punchline of every political joke. He has been ridiculed, and treated as if he were the biggest failure in the history of Canadian politics. And yet, as […]

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