Let he who is without sin…

“You know what, I’m not perfect.. Maybe you are, but I’m not.”
-Rob Ford

Rob is right. We should all cut the guy some slack. After all, who among us hasn’t smoked crack and lied about it, been charged with drunk driving and lied about, continued to drive drunk after the fact, assaulted employees, purchased illegal drugs, made homophobic and racist comments on video, been accused of sexual harrasment, hung out with drug dealers, given a mother the finger from your car, threatened to kill someone while high, been charged with assault and making death threats, charged with possession of marijuana, been disowned by Santa Claus and the Toronto Argonauts, compared orientals to dogs, had their wife call 911 on them, and been kicked out of a Leafs game.

It’s no wonder his brother is now comparing him to Jesus.

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A former Calgary Liberal, now living in Toronto. My writings on politics can be found at www.calgarygrit.ca and online at the National Post.

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4 Responses to Let he who is without sin…

  1. Robert

    We have included your post in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at looniepolitics.com

  2. Vancouverois
  3. Nuna D. Above

    Booze. Drugs. Women. Gangsters. Who does Ford think he is? A Kennedy?

  4. MoS

    Magnifico! You really nailed it. Thanks.

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