The vast left-wing media conspiracy against Rob Ford grows

Yes, the news is bad for the mayor, but c’mon, the Sun has always had it in for him…

Sun Ford

Sun Ford 2

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7 Responses to The vast left-wing media conspiracy against Rob Ford grows

  1. Mark H.

    Ha! I posted as my Facebook status this morning that when you’ve lost Sue-Anne Levy, then you’re right wing goose is cooked.

  2. hosertohoosier

    I don’t think he’s dead, exactly (he can’t win re-election and has no leverage in City Hall, but he can stick around). Ford can refuse to resign and Toronto doesn’t have impeachment protocols. He’s had enough scandals that most leaders would have resigned at least twice by now. But he’s surrounded by enablers like his brother, who will probably advise sticking it out.

    I also saw that Rob Ford’s approval rating climbed (39% to 44%) in the latest poll – after Blair announced the latest crack revelations.

    • CalgaryGrit

      That Forum poll is an odd one – 44% approve, but 60% say he should resign.

      I agree that Ford can definitely stick it out though if he wants to, and he seems fairly stubborn about sticking it out.

  3. Nuna D. Above

    WIth Duffy, Ford etc. I’m tired of every journalist in the country dropping down to the level of a tabloid reporter covering a D-list celebrity. I guess the politicians help create the situation with policy vacuums.
    I wonder what would happen if someone came out with a list of ideas they wanted to implement. Could our system handle it? Would people know what to do?

  4. Paul O

    Nobody can seem to agree on why, exactly, he should resign or be forced from office immediately.

    For some, having done cocaine is the problem, yet they support Obama (who has also admitted to having done cocaine).

    For others, it’s because Ford lied. Yet they supported McGuinty, who lied about things directly relevant to the office.

    I suspect that for most, they hated that Ford won election in the first place, and view this current scandal through that lens. Is it sensational? Sure. Whether critics are consistent is less clear.

    • Marc from soccer

      But the question is did McGuinty also do cocaine while lying in office? And did Obama lie while doing cocaine? (And did he do that in office?)

      If the answer is no to any of those, your post is irrelevant.

  5. Philip

    Paul, my best guess is that the optics are just too much for most to bear. Given that I’ve known my share of Ford-like characters from my hometown, I can’t be philosophical about the man himself.

    As for McGuinty, others (myself included) are and have been with him, especially considering that the Ontario Superior Court’s ruling nine years ago that electoral promises are NOT legally binding and DO NOT constitute contractual obligations. That, we recognize.

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