Dean Del Gonza

Liberals from coast to coast are revelling in a pot of schadenfreude tonight:

Fifth Tory leaves Harper’s caucus in scandal

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper lost his fifth caucus member of the year to scandal, after his former right-hand man in the House of Commons was charged Thursday with improper election spending.

The Commissioner of Canada Elections laid four charges against Ontario MP Dean Del Mastro under the Canada Elections Act. Shortly afterward, the prime minister’s office said he “was no longer a member of the Conservative caucus.”

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6 Responses to Dean Del Gonza

  1. Sean C.

    At this pace they’ll approaching minority government status by the next election.

    • Sean C.

      “be approaching”

  2. Grant

    If guilty, he should be gone period, even if that means jail.

    So indulge in “schadenfreude” all you like, but one thing is for certain – NO ONE is going to be taking lessons from the Liberal Party on government accountability.

    • Kaspar Juul

      Grant needs a diaper change

      • Luke

        Kaspar, I’ll grant you that.

  3. Daniel

    Good thing parliament isn’t in session. They won’t have to do a last-minute re-write of the seating plan.

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