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In "A Great Game" you'll learn how hockey prospered, despite Wilfrid Laurier's stifling taxes.

In “A Great Game” you’ll learn how hockey prospered, despite Wilfrid Laurier’s stifling taxes.

For those taking bets on whether we’d see Harper’s long talked about hockey book before or after his 2011 election promises see the light of day, wonder no more. Harper’s hockey book, titled “A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs & The Rise of Professional Hockey” goes on sale November 5th.

Expect the attack ads against “Hockey: A People’s History” to start any day now…

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7 Responses to Stocking Stuffer

  1. G

    So THAT’S what he’s doing all those late nights at the PMO.

  2. Luke

    Amusing partisan jab. I like it when the insults are playful. Truly.

  3. Irene

    Might make a good fire starter and a must to pack when I go camping.Might come in pretty handy and a few matches.

  4. Brian Busby

    Meaning,of course, that copies will be available at the Conservative’s Calgary convention. How many do you think the party has promised to purchase?

  5. CuJoYYC

    Funny how anyone back at the U of C that knew Harper also knew of his complete and utter lack of interest in any sports.

  6. Marc from soccer

    Where does the Prime Minister of all people find time to write a book?

  7. Arcy

    Marc, it’s not like he’s spending his time in Parliament….

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