And Then There Were 8

Stock Photo: George Takach, before last week's Liberal leadership debate
Stock Photo: George Takach, before last week’s Liberal leadership debate

Takach-mania is over:

George Takach ends Liberal leadership campaign to support Justin Trudeau

Montreal – George Takach announced today that he is ending his Liberal leadership campaign to support Justin Trudeau.

Mr. Takach released the following statement:

“When I launched my campaign for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada three months ago, I wanted to lead a party that would transform our economy into one that would rely on innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development to secure our future prosperity. I wanted to lead a party that would bring people together, and give Canadians more rights, not less.

“Justin Trudeau has what it takes to be a great prime minister. He has brought an energy and purpose to the political scene and has proven himself to be an articulate leader focused on the future, not the past.

Although Takach appeared to be performing relatively well, when compared to the other candidates trying to make their mark, this isn’t overly surprising. Takach was never going to win this thing, and after firmly rooting himself as the “anti-tree” candidate in the most recent leadership debate, he no doubt learned that running for leader isn’t all fun and games – sometimes you’re booed on stage and criticized in the press.

This move allows Takach to exit gracefully, having left his mark on the race and introduced himself to Liberals. I expect we’ll see his name on the ballot in 2015.

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9 responses to “And Then There Were 8”

  1. “I expect we’ll see his name on the ballot in 2015.” A ballot for party leadership? Are you predicting a quick contest after the next election?

  2. While it’s good to have less people on the stage for the Halifax debate I think it could have been an opportunity for Takach to redeem himself for his not so great debate last time. He was okay in the other “debates” but ended up being booed for dumb comments last time.

    • he also seemed dumbstruck when Joyce Murray accused him of offshoring jobs to China. he didn’t even attempt a response. not good.

  3. I fully thought that George Takei had died, joining James Doohan & DeForest Kelly, leaving only Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Chekhov, Janice Rand, Cmdr Beach plus Khan and Mudd.

  4. Poor Takach. Just couldn’t get any face recognition. Even in departing the race he remains anonymous.

    Fifty grand doesn’t get you much, I guess (or whatever his fee was to enter the race).

    • I am guessing he was boosting his profile so that party members would remember his name come nomination or cabinet appointment time (whenever that will be!). I figure he’s way more memorable that Bertschi is so far.

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