Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Posted on by CalgaryGrit in 2013 OLP Leadership Race, Ontario Politics

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A former Calgary Liberal, now living in Toronto. My writings on politics can be found at and online at the National Post.

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7 Responses to Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

  1. rww

    That top photo seems to have them in the order the pollsters put them in. Coincidence or not.

    • CalgaryGrit

      I was thinking the same thing. Other than the Sousa-Takhar flip, it matched the first ballot order.

  2. jared

    Eric Hoskins is clearly the best looking of the bunch.

  3. Jason Holborn


    Are a majority of us now living under a female Premier…?

    I’m glad to read that your guy’s choice won. Maybe next time; I hope your ideals of renewal will be followed through on after tonite. Perhaps you & Kennedy will still be a force for the changes you seek. Excelsior.

  4. MKS from durham

    Great work on the campaign, CG. Just next time do a better job on the coin tosses! No, I’m bitter! LOL

  5. Jason Holborn

    – “Wynne joins five other women serving as premiers from Nunavut to Newfoundland, governing more than 80 per cent of Canadians”

    • CalgaryGrit

      Pretty remarkable indeed. And there are plenty of strong women in opposition too – Danielle Smith, Andrea Horwath, etc.

      Federal politics is still largely dominated by men, but I think this trend will trickle up. In 10 years, I’d be willing to wager that a large number of leaders/cabinet ministers on the federal stage will be women.

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