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I recognize that most readers of this blog either:

a) Don’t live in Ontario


b) Have pretty strong political beliefs

So any pitch to join the Ontario Liberal Party is either a case of preaching to the choir, or preaching to atheists. However, if you are an unaffiliated Ontarian and want to make a difference, the deadline to sign up as an OLP member to vote for the next Premier of Ontario is midnight Friday.

All Ontario residents 14 and over with $10 to spare can sign up online here. So if you’re someone who used to be a Liberal but has grown disenchanted in recent years, or you’re someone who always complains that none of the party leaders speak to you, here’s your chance to have your voice heard. This is going to be a very close multi-ballot convention, so the old cliché about every vote making a difference actually applies this time.

I’m supporting Gerard Kennedy, but if you’re on the fence, you can still sign up, watch the debates, and make up your mind. And while you make up your mind, I’d suggest checking out the interview Gerard gave with James Bow yesterday. James, as some of you know, is a loud and proud “non-partisan”, but the Kennedy campaign has made a real effort to reach outside of the Liberal establishment this campaign, and try to engage Ontarians who are passionate about their province, but not necessarily politics. It’s worth a read.

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  1. Brendan Dawe

    I was unaware that one had to believe in Ontario in order to live there…

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