Great Moments in Political Analysis

You’ve got to love anonymous Liberals:

A source in one of the developing campaigns for two Ontario Liberals who have been laying groundwork for a federal leadership bid for several months said initial activity by McGuinty organizers has included extensive public opinion polling.

“I’ve heard from a couple of sources this morning that the McGuinty camp has been polling for over a month, they’ve done two polls,” the source said.

He told The Hill Times that if McGuinty enters the race, with the vast network of organizers he and his campaign teams have built over the past 16 years in Ontario, the effect could be devastating for prospective Ontario candidates David Bertschi and George Takach.

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2 Responses to Great Moments in Political Analysis

  1. Ted

    Much like Dion in 2006…
    McGuinty comes up the middle to defeat the two frontrunners

    • CalgaryGrit

      Maybe McGuinty can cut a deal with Bertschi where whoever is lower after the first ballot agrees to support the other one, much like the Kennedy-Dion pact in 2006.

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