“Complete and Utter Asshole”

Don't let this act of chilvalry fool you, Tom Lukaszuk is a major league a-hole

I really want trash Jason Kenney or make this out to be a sign of a worsening relationship between the federal Conservatives and the Alberta PCs.

But Jason Kenney is far from the first politician to call another politician a nasty word, so all I can really complain about is that a Cabinet Minister hasn’t mastered the “reply all” button. Beyond that, there’s really nothing to see here.


Kenney made the biting comment in a reply to an email from Blaine Calkins, chairman of the Alberta Tory caucus.

Calkins was asking if any of Alberta’s 25 MPs was prepared to host Lukaszuk during a visit by the Alberta deputy premier this coming Thursday.

“I say a definite ‘no’ to Lukaszyk,” Kenney replied, misspelling the minister’s name.

“I don’t think it makes sense to create a precedent to do a special caucus meeting for every visiting minister from the provincial government.

“Plus he is a complete and utter asshole.”

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6 Responses to “Complete and Utter Asshole”

  1. Thwim

    The word isn’t the point. Reply All isn’t the point. The point is that the deputy prime minister thought it both relevant and important that he direct, apropos of nothing, a personal insult toward the deputy premier of a province.

    That’s behavior both inappropriate and unbecoming a person of his rank and status in our government representing our country.

  2. CalgaryGrit

    Thwim – It’s likely unbecoming, but I suspect 90% of politicians have said or written something similar in private conversations.

  3. Thwim

    Which makes it better, how?

    If all the kids jump off the bridge, it’s fine if you do too?


  4. MPAVictoria

    Oh come off it Thwin. I bet you have said things in emails that others would call “inappropriate”. Politicians are human beings not little angels.

    • Thwim

      Which is why I’m not a politician. All jobs have certain codes of behavior attached to them. If you can’t control yourself well enough to adhere to that code GET A DIFFERENT JOB.

      I didn’t say he couldn’t have those feelings. I didn’t even say he couldn’t tell them to people in personal conversations.

      However, writing them down in a response to an official request is the behavior of.. well.. an asshole — NOT a Deputy Prime Minister.

      • The Invisible Hand

        Jason Kenney isn’t the Deputy Prime Minister.

        And that language really isn’t any more “unbecoming” for his position than any other white-collar job. So enough with the righteous indignation show, Thwimp.

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