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  • The Year in Photos

  • Quotes of the Year

    Scroll to the bottom to vote on your favourite quote… “I am Conservative. I am a traditionalist. I wish I left Cabinet in the traditional way – with a sex scandal!” –Stephen Fletcher, after being removed from Cabinet “When I stand back and look at the cast of candidates, even I would pick me. I […]

  • He sees nothing

    PM didn’t know staff asked Conservative Party to pay Duffy’s expenses: spokesperson Prime Minister Stephen Harper had no idea his staff had asked the Conservative Party to pay Sen. Mike Duffy’s ineligible expenses, his spokesperson said Sunday. In an interview with CTV’s Question Period, Harper’s director of communications, Jason MacDonald, also said Harper didn’t know […]

  • The 2015 Tory Playbook

    We got a good reminder today of why it would be foolish to write off the Conservatives in 2015: Conservatives’ new surplus forecast: $3.7-billion for election year Ottawa’s fall economic update shows the government is counting on a surplus of at least $3.7-billion in 2015-16, the year of the next federal election. A mix of […]

  • Moore is More

    Partly due to his one-man government, and partly due to a series of spectacular flame outs among heirs apparent, there hasn’t been a lot of leadership speculation during the Harper era, beyond the occasional question about how Brad Wall’s french is coming along. Until now: Industry Minister Moore has Conservative Party leadership potential, say sources […]

  • “The Lowest Price is the Law, Unless Someone Else Offers a Lower Price”

    It’s easy to criticize throne speeches, especially throne speeches by governments that have fallen on tough times. Truth be told, I actually think there was a lot to like in yesterday’s government reboot. The hint of a free trade deal with the EU is good news. Issues like cyberbullying and food safety need to be […]

  • How I spent my summer vacation

    Summer vacation lasted a bit longer for MPs than for the rest of us. If you’re just tuning back in now as our parliamentarians head back to the House tomorrow, here’s what you may have missed. For Justin, this was very much the summer of love. He ditched the suit for a pair of cargo […]

  • Stocking Stuffer

    For those taking bets on whether we’d see Harper’s long talked about hockey book before or after his 2011 election promises see the light of day, wonder no more. Harper’s hockey book, titled “A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs & The Rise of Professional Hockey” goes on sale November 5th. Expect the attack ads against […]

  • Oh my God – they shuffled Kenney! Those Bastards!

    The much-hyped Cabinet shuffle was about what you’d expect: retiring Ministers swept aside, talented backbenchers and Pierre Poilievre promoted, and a few big names swapping portfolios to give them a fresh start. The opposition will argue this is very much the same government as before, and they’re right – but that’s the point. Voters elected […]

  • Politicians in Cowboy Hats: Come Hell or High Water

    For a brief history of Stampede fashion, you can read the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 round-ups – or last year’s “100 Years of Bad Photo-Ops“ Flood waters cannot stop the Stampede and flood waters cannot stop politicians from the annual ritual of self humiliation known as the cowboy hat photo-op. Indeed, if […]

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