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  • Thanks, but no Thanks

    I’d say that falls into the category of “Headlines Stephen Harper doesn’t want to see” (along with “Rob Anders to go on national speaking tour” and any headline with the words “Helena Guergis” in it). And the Star’s choice of the sub headline “15,000 rally in Ottawa to praise Harper for picking up where George […]

  • Christmas Letters: Stephen Harper

    It’s that time of the year again, when Christmas cards and year-end letters start arriving in the mail. I’ve managed to get my hands on the letters being sent out by all party leaders and will be posting them here over the next week. First off, the Prime Minister. Greetings friends! It’s been another great […]

  • Fourth Annual Politicians in Cowboy Hats

    2008 2007 2006 There were no see-my-vest incidents this year but, thanks to a few news stories, a few e-mails, and Jim Prentice’s facebook page, I’m able to present the fourth annual Stampede Fashion Round-Up. First up, the federal party leaders: Elizabeth May, quite fairly, won “worst dressed” last year, but the experts turned it […]

  • Third Annual Politicians in Cowboy Hats

    2006 Politicians in Cowboy Hats 2007 Politicians in Cowboy Hats A big thanks to everyone who sent in pictures or posted them on their own blogs. Let’s begin the photo round-up with the CP wire story’s winner and loser: And with good reviews from the Alberta media scarce during his time there, who can fault […]

  • Second Annual "Politicians in Cowboy Hats" Blog Post

    Everyone seemed to enjoy last summer’s Stampede fashion review so, after hitting all the major breakfasts on the first weekend, I’m pleased to present my recap of how the big names fared this year. For some historical perspective, the Globe & Mail offers up Stampede pictures throughout the ages. Ever since the disaster of 2005, […]

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