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  • An update on all the people not running for Liberal leadership – Part 2

    Yesterday, I looked at the ten names being tossed around most frequently for Liberal leadership – Rae, Leblanc, Trudeau, McGuinty^2, Garneau, Brison, Coderre, Cauchon, and Kennedy. Today, a look at some long-shot candidates. Mark Carney: The Bank of Canada governor would have instant credibility on the economy and, unlike many bankers, he’s not uncharismatic. There […]

  • An update on all the people not running for Liberal leadership

    It’s been six months since I last looked in on the field of possible Liberal leadership candidates, and that’s because, well, there’s not much to report. Apart from speculation surrounding the interim leader, there’s been little chatter in the media, on blogs, or in Liberal circles. However, the Liberal Biennial convention may have marked the […]

  • Liberal Leadership Marathon Runners

    I posted 8 Simple Rules for the Liberal Leadership Race a few weeks ago, prompting a few readers to ask for my thoughts on the candidates. The short answer to that is simply: it’s too early to tell. This thing won’t be decided for nearly two years, so predicting the outcome at this point is […]

  • What to expect in the Liberal leadership marathon

    The best way to think about the Liberal leadership race is like those velodrome cycling races you see at the Olympics. The gun sounds and two cyclists crawl around the track, quietly jockeying for position and looking over their shoulder to see where the field sits. Then, out of the blue, one racer starts sprinting […]

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