2012 in Pictures

Mitt Romney tries to humanize himself by going shopping.

I think most people feel the same way when they hear Paul Ryan speak

Stephen Harper signs a deal with China, expressly to try and win the “cutest photo op of the year” award.

Danielle Smith sees your cute animal and raises you a little girl.

But Garneau outdoes them both, taking us to new heights of cuteness.

Of course, the “cute kid” photo-op can sometimes backfire.

This would not be the last bottle of alcohol consumed at PC headquarters during this spring’s election

Alison Redford courts the elusive “Hipster Vote”

…while Danielle Smith goes after Trekkies.

Actual photo that greeted visitors to Ted “The Man” Morton’s biography during the Alberta election.

Alison Redford doesn’t need anything from Santa – not when she has Daryl Katz cutting her $300,000 cheques.

Who says the Liberals are out of touch with rural Canada?

Sun TV headline: “Justin Trudeau beats up aboriginal man in casino”

Elizabeth May was a giant this year, winning Maclean’s “Parliamentarian of the Year” award.

Justin Trudeau helps out during the Calgary Centre by-election – “trust me, Harvey’s a great guy – for an Albertan

Naheed Nenshi reacts after losing his Grey Cup bet with Rob Ford

Toronto City Council finds an appropriate replacement for Ford, after a judge rules he must vacate his office.

Eric Hoskins gives Marc Garneau a run for “most punnable” leadership campaign.

With a majority government, Harper finally put fears of a “hidden agenda” to rest.

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3 Responses to 2012 in Pictures

  1. CuJoYYC

    This one is the best.

    Sun TV headline: “Justin Trudeau beats up aboriginal man in casino.”

    Sadly, it’s also the most likely to actually have been seen in print or on TV.

  2. Robert V

    Ironically the boxing match was the one time Sun TV gave Trudeau his props.

  3. Jason Holborn

    Now that she’s in Parliament, E May has changed my view of her a great deal. I’m happy now that she is the Green Team’s leader.

Reply to Robert V

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