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  • Biggest Election: It’s 88

    With 56% of the vote, the 1988 Federal Election has been crowned Canada’s biggest by Calgary Grit readers, knocking off Tommy Douglas’ 1944 Saskatchewan win in the final. With a federal election about to start up, it was probably appropriate to look back at some of the big elections from the past. And there are […]

  • Canada’s Biggest Election Final

    After starting with 16, we’re down to the final round of Canada’s Biggest Election. The 1988 Free Trade Election crushed the competition in every round on the federal side, while the 1944 Saskatchewan election eeked out a 2 vote win over 1976 Quebec to take the title of the biggest provincial election. So the final […]

  • The Provincial Final

    On the federal side, the 1988 election has earned the title of Canada’s Biggest Federal election, collecting 64% of the vote against the 57/58 Diefenbaker wins in the final. So the time has come to crown Canada’s Biggest Provincial Election. It has come down to the top 2 seeds – 1976 Quebec and 1944 Saskatchewan. […]

  • Provincial Show-Down

    In the federal side of the bracket, it will be 1988 versus 1957/58, after the free trade election cruised to a 74% win and Dief’s dominance lead to a squeaker of a win (51% to 49%). So the time has come to select the final showdown on the provincial side. The following four elections ran […]

  • Quick Hits

    No new blog content today, but I’ll direct you to a pair of older posts: 1. Everyone has until Wednesday at 10 pm to vote in the latest round of “Canada’s Biggest Election“. The 1957/58 vs. 1878 matchup may be en route to a recount, with 57/58 holding 1 vote lead so far. 2. Three […]

  • On To The Quarters

    The provincial races turned into Frank McKenna sized routs, with Duffy’s four favourites all advancing. ’76 Quebec (1) over ’35 Alberta (8): 81% to 19%’44 Saskatchewan (2) over ’52 British Columbia (7): 84% to 16%’43 Ontario (3) over 1867 Ontario (6): 77% to 23%’60 Quebec (4) over ’89 Newfoundland (5): 78% to 22% This sets […]

  • Provincial Vote

    With the first round of federal elections done, we move to the provincial side of the bracket for a series of intriguing match-ups. Once again, the seeds have been selected from the list of reader nominations by Fights of our Lives author John Duffy. Voting will close at 10 pm on Wednesday night. 1935 Alberta […]

  • The First Round Begins

    The field of 16 has been set in the search for Canada’s Biggest Election. For simplicity’s sake, there will be 8 federal and 8 provincial elections (even though Ralph Klein’s first Calgary mayoral run was an inspired suggestion), and will only involve elections prior to 1990. As a fun twist this year, I’ve brought in […]

  • An Election Election

    First it was Greatest Prime Minister. Then Greatest Prime Minister We Never Had. Then Best Premier. And with the summer here, it’s time yet again for my annual march-madness-history-political-poll-thingy. Thanks for all the suggestions – I really liked the idea of “biggest scandal”, but felt it might descend into partisan poll stacking. I’m definitely going […]

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