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1) The Hill Times has the Pat Martin idiocy of the week:

Last week MPs debated at length whether or not MP Pat Martin was allowed to refer to Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl as “Il Deuce”, the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.


“We do call him Il Deuce, but it’s important to note that I did not call the minister a fascist. I implied that he was acting like a fascist…” [said Martin]

2) Speaking of media hungry politicians, Danny Williams is aghast that Stephen Harper would dare run ads criticizing him…a mere two days after he ran ads criticizing Harper. Uh-huh.

3) Check out Coyne on the latest Vendu Vendu controversy. It’s weird that no one picked up on this back in February when the ads first aired.

4) The media took a tour of the death star yesterday…the Liberal Party really needs to improve its fundraising abilities because the cash flow advantage is making life a whole lot easier for the Tories.

5) The Liblogs Youtube ads are getting a lot of media play today. And due to their unhealthy obsession with all things Cherniak, the Blogging Tories are giving them even more publicity. Anyways, here’s my favourite, similar to a post I did last week:

The Sasquatch

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Stephane Dion says it’s a myth. Stephen Harper said they did exist but he had Myron Thompson shoot them all last week. Stephane Dion didn’t want Myron to go wandering in the woods with a shootgun.

Why go back?

Le Quebec Prend Des Forces

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The new Tory French attack ads have been released and they go the route of props and humour to make their point. At first glance, I think they’ll be more effective than the English ones but it’s always hard to predict these things. Here’s the quick run down:

Domino: Hits Dion on the fiscal imbalance which makes sense with the Harper-Charest gambit being put into place.

Porte: It’s kind of cute. Tries to tie Dion to Adscam and features cameos by the Dion convention signs and a Jean Chretien puppet. Given that most Liberals would kill for Chretien’s Quebec numbers, I’m not sure who that’ll help.

TV Vente: They try to hit Dion on a lot of different issues here, including the environment. I think the gag seems a bit more forced than on the other two.

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