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What’s the matter with Calgary?

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Dear Calgary,

You used to be cool. You were the conservative rebel without a cause. You welcomed George Bush and Sarah Palin with open arms. You could always be counted on for a good pro-Iraq war rally. Ann Coulter called you “the good Canadians”.

The man who embodied this Calgary image was Ralph Klein. He was your mayor in the 80s. By voting for Ralph in 1993, you saved Alberta from a Liberal government. You stood by your man even after the drunken visits to homeless shelters, after the plagiarism, after he heckled the AISH recipients. The rest of the country laughed at Ralph, but you didn’t care. Because, like Ralph, you were too cool to care.

This all led to a good natured rivalry with Toronto. In 2004, Scott Reid famously said “Alberta can blow me” during the election campaign. A decade earlier, you’d pasted “Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark” bumper stickers on your trucks. That was just the sort of relationship Calgary and Toronto have always had.

And you know what? The relationship worked. Calgarians hated the Toronto elites for their self-righteousness and their blind devotion to the Liberal Party, while the self righteous Toronto elites shook their heads and wondered what was wrong with those backwater Calgarians who would elect a donkey if you slapped a Tory logo on its behind.

But now, everything has gone topsy turvy. Here’s the Leger mayoral poll from yesterday’s Calgary Herald:

Nenshi has now rocketed to 30 per cent, tied with Higgins and just behind Ric McIver’s 33 per cent support, according to a Leger Marketing survey of 500 Calgarians conducted between Oct. 6 and 11.

Holy chinook?!? The “it” candidate in the Calgary election went to Harvard, ran a nonprofit, and blogs about the best ways to limit urban sprawl. Rosedale parents are going to have a hard time using that to turn their children against Calgary and scare them into voting Liberal.

Especially given what’s been going on in Toronto, where the front runner wants to limit immigration, says “oriental people work like dogs“, and has a record of DUI and assault charges so long it would make Ralph Klein blush.

I mean, seriously. Take a look at these two pictures and tell me which one of these guys looks like he should be mayor of Toronto and which one looks like he should be mayor of Calgary:

And it’s not just Naheed. The “conservative” candidate in Calgary’s mayoral election, Ric McIver, has staked out the conservative turf by…promising to raise taxes less than the other candidates. Hell, he’s been attacked by the NDP candidate in the race for wanting to spend too much on the airport tunnel. The guy isn’t exactly the president of Tea Party North.

The other front runner, Barb Higgins, is assumed to be progressive but, in fairness to her, that’s only because no one really knows what she stands for.

So Calgary, I’m writing you this letter as a friend. I feel someone has to let you know you’ve gone soft. Hell, you elected 5 Liberal MLAs in the last provincial election, more than “Redmonton”. Here’s an e-mail I got from a friend of mine in Calgary yesterday:

I for one, being a proud Western Canadian, welcome 4 years of insanity to the city of Toronto. I have always maintained that the real crazies in Canada live or reside in the city of Toronto, Mel Lastman proved that and may Mayor Ford continue that proud tradition.

All I know is that wack jobs like Lastman, Miller and Ford would never see the light of day in a sophisticated Canadian locale like Calgary, Alberta.

Is this how you want to be described Calgary? As “sophisticated“?

So I am begging you. To stop this insanity and preserve your reputation as Canada’s conservative bad boy, I am urging a massive “Rob Anders write in” campaign for mayor. You need to make this happen, simply to keep the natural order of the universe in balance.

Or else next thing you know they’ll be holding Pierre Trudeau parades down 17th Avenue and Stanley Cup parades down Yonge Street.

Rob Anders: "Democracy is Petty"

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Yeah, party members wanting open nominations. How petty of them.

The tumultuous history of the federal Conservative riding association in Calgary West continued this week with the Tory party’s national council apparently assuming control of the association board.

Most members of the Conservative riding board support Donna Kennedy-Glans, who wishes to challenge controversial incumbent MP Rob Anders in a nomination race. Riding association members were to be asked by the board this spring whether they wanted to attempt to hold another nomination race.

“When you have some people that are focused on what are fairly minuscule, petty issues to the distraction of that overall effort — they’re doing it to cause disruption to the party as a whole, for the council, for the member of Parliament,” Anders said Friday evening.

“You have to put that stuff to rest and move on.”

Closet Liberals

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This may be a hoax, but here’s a transcript of a letter allegedly being sent out from Rob Anders and Stephen Harper, urging CPC members to vote for the Anders-friendly slate at this week’s AGM. Among the highlights:

Are you aware that there is battle taking place in Calgary West this Saturday? It’s between the true blue conservatives and “closet liberals”. It’s up to you and me to stop them from taking over this conservative riding. We cannot let the riding fall into liberal hands. There is a danger that if you don’t show up, this could happen at the AGM on Saturday.


*Be aware* – this group of “*closet liberals masquerading as conservatives*” have been plotting a take-over of the Calgary West Board of Directors.


*If you want to keep Calgary West a strong blue conservative riding, attend, and vote for the strong blue conservative slate.*

Thank you for supporting the Conservative Party of Canada,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Your MP, Rob Anders

Sounds like it will be a fun AGM – so, you know, if you happen to be there and want to send me a recap anonymously…

Vote Out Anders, part 83

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Ha ha. Even when they hide him in Siberia for the campaign, he still makes headlines.

Ode to Anders

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Paul Jackson’s man crush on Rob Anders continues in today’s Sun:

I tell Calgary West MP Rob Anders he is known as the “rock star” of Canadian federal politics.

“Gee, I can hardly sing, and I can’t play one chord on the guitar,” he answers.

But, in a very real way, Anders is a political tidal wave.


If he and his strategists spot a riding that can be won by a Conservative candidate they go to bat for them.

This may well explain why, when some malcontents in his riding launched legal actions to overturn his re-nomination, national party headquarters spent an estimated $250,000 fighting to preserve his status.

And they won hands down.

He is just too precious to lose.


I agree — I’ve contended for some time if Harper can win a majority, and he will, he will become a beloved PM of our nation, and will be able to hold the job for as long as he wants. As for the issues, Anders offers this tantalizing aspect.

“By the next election we will have cut the GST to 5%, and at 3% the GST would be revenue neutral, giving the rebates to lower income Canadians and business. So we go into the next election promising to abolish the GST entirely.”


So there you have it. Anders, a winner all the way, revealing how we can win our entire country back.

Fawning aside, Anders’ musings on the GST are interesting…

Second Annual "Politicians in Cowboy Hats" Blog Post

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Everyone seemed to enjoy last summer’s Stampede fashion review so, after hitting all the major breakfasts on the first weekend, I’m pleased to present my recap of how the big names fared this year. For some historical perspective, the Globe & Mail offers up Stampede pictures throughout the ages.

Ever since the disaster of 2005, the nation’s eyes turn to Stephen Harper every Stampede. Last year, Harper hoped in and out of the Hays breakfast in under 20 minutes, wanting to avoid human interaction at all costs. To his credit, this year the PM stayed and posed for pictures for double that time. As for the outfit, Harper looked about as good in western wear as it’s possible for Stephen Harper to look in western wear. Clearly his psychic stylist is earning her money, although it might be time for a taxpayer funded nutritionist.

I caught Prentice at BBQs Saturday and Sunday, and he wore the same outfit on both occasions. It’s also the same thing he’s worn every single day of the Stampede since, one imagines, his 12th birthday. It’s a good look but it might be time for Jim to mix it up a little bit.

I can’t make fun of Carolyn Bennett for her wild pink outfit since the Stampede has been running a “tough enough to wear pink” promotion to raise awareness for breast cancer. It’s a shame since it would have been really easy to poke fun at her pink shirt, bizarre sweater vest, and green Dion scarf.
Kevin Taft has been everywhere this week – the Stampede parade Friday, a series of breakfasts Saturday, and the Hays breakfast Sunday. The pink worked well on Friday, but Kevin’s wife pulled off Western a lot better than him at the Hays breakfast Sunday. The jacket? Definitely a no-no. Still, at least Kevin is aware that it’s the Calgary Stampede.
Actual conversation with Jason Kenney:
Me: Hey Jason, you’re in MP – I was hoping to get a picture with you.
Jason: Are you Young Liberals or Young Conservatives?
Me: Young Liberals.
Jason: I won’t hold it against you. I used to be a Young Liberal too.
Me: Yeah, in Goodale’s office. Just wanted the picture because I’ve got a collection of pictures of myself with Tory MPs…I got one with me and Anders last year.
Jason: Ha Ha. Well I’m not as bad as Rob, eh?

And, with that, Jason Kennedy went up about 200% in my books. Admittedly, he was starting pretty low so a 200% increase isn’t a lot, but he’s climbing.

Speaking of which…

Craig Cheffins, new to elected politics, obviously has yet to learn the “never dance when there’s a camera around” rule.

Stephane Dion looked almost the same as he did last year. For a French University professor, he always presents himself surprisingly well at Stampede.

Peter Miliken, a frequent visitor to the Hays breakfast flashes his sheriff badge. If only he could lay down the law in the House of Commons and keep the children in order…

Harry Chase is probably the only politician in Canada who can wear a coat like that and pull it off. The man looks like he’s straight out of a Western and probably deserves “best dressed 2007″ for that. That said, it’s never a good sign when you need to identify yourself as an MLA on your apron.

There were also a bunch of other politicians at the Hays breakfast I wasn’t able to track down. Lawrence Cannon was out and about espousing the values of Quebec nationhood to the Calgary faithful (which means he must have felt a bit like Jason Jones in those Molson Canadian commercials). Bill Casey was also shaking hands. Carol Skelton may have been around but since no one alive knows what she looks like, I don’t have a picture (unless she accidentally wandered into one of the other shots).

Vote Out Anders…Part 82

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This interesting message was sent my way:

The Calgary West Federal nomination date is Saturday September 2, 2006. If you wish to vote in the nomination you must be a resident of Calgary West and have a membership by THIS Friday August 11. Information regarding memberships can be found at or to directly purchase a membership go to

FYI So far to our knowledge UCCCA External Director and U of C Senator Walter Wakula is running against Calgary West MP Rob Anders for the nomination.

So, at the very least, Anders is going to get a run for his money for the Calgary West nomination (although this won’t be the first time he’s been opposed). As for the challenger:

Walter Wakula holds a BComm, MBA (U of C);. He is managing director Wakula & Associates Inc. and has held senior financial management positions with Canadian and International petroleum, electrical utility and financial advisory companies.

All candidates have to be vetted by a in riding committee composed of members of anders board. The notice was given yesterday of the meeting being called (as far as everyone I know that knows this sort of thing, ie: cheif organizer of allison redford last time (anders challenger)).

By the rules memberships must be sold by friday. Only challenger so far is Walter Wakula recieved his MBA from the U of C in 1981, so he is substaintially older than Anders.

Quote from current riding association president:

“I want to save the biggest thanks for Walter Wakula, the outgoing president of our constituency association. For the past two years his leadership has steered us through the merger, a local nomination, a leadership campaign and an election. His ability to maintain calm, even during the most energetic debates, was critical to our success. Walter remains an active member of the board, so his knowledge and skills are still available when we really need them.”
Andrew Constantinidis.
President, Calgary West EDA

Vote Out Anders…Part 81

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Rob Anders is (allegedly) in hot water again:

The Liberals say the Mounties should look at a lawsuit filed against Rob Anders by James Istvanffy, who alleges he was fired from his job as manager of the Calgary West constituency office after questioning the way Anders handled his finances.

In a statement of claim filed in Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench, Istvanffy alleges Anders borrowed from him thousands of dollars for expenses that the House of Commons would not cover.

Istvanffy alleges Anders then used salary increases, false travel expenses and even bookshelves purchased for his office to pay him back.

Vote Out Anders…part 78

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From the CTV weblog, comes news that Rob Anders is campaigning…in British Columbia. Apparently Anders has sent questionnaires on Crystal Meth to Richmond, BC in an effort to help out the Conservative cause.

Among the questions: “Do you support homosexual sex marriage”?

At the very least I now understand why so many Conservatives are against homosexual sex marriage. It’s not because they’re traditionalists or close-minded; it’s because they’re against crystal meth.

Vote Out Anders

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Vote out Anders

I had the dubious chance to attend a Conservative function where Rob Anders was one of the speakers a few days ago. I have some Conservative friends and I figured it’d be good for a few laughs if nothing else. And Rob did not disappoint.

Maybe it was the fact that it was a Conservative event with no media or maybe he’s just naturally insane. Either way, Rob had recently read a book on the decline of the Roman empire and couldn’t help drawing parallels between the fall of Rome and modern Canadian society. The reasons Rome fell and the reasons Canada is in crisis today according to Mr. Anders?

Well, Rob started talking about all the splinter languages which formed in Rome and compromised the universal Latin. “He’s not going to go there” I said to myself as he started this rant but, surely enough, he did. “Bilingualism is a problem today” Rob said. He complained that plaques that had been unilingual are now English and French and that it “didn’t help” that people spoke “Chinese and Arab and other languages too” in Canada.

Completely shocked, he went on to explain why the clothes people wear today are a major problem. Since fewer and fewer people wear “respectable” clothes, there are some major problems on the horizon. This was followed with the predictable complaint about the lack of military spending. Then we got to Rob’s favourite topic – “moral decay”. “The problem with homosexuality and gay marriage” was that it led to a declining birth rate. He failed to elaborate on how the Romans forced gay people to breed but explained that they had tax breaks such that you didn’t pay taxes if you had 5 children. Fair enough, but even with tax breaks, you aren’t going to see a lot of gay people having five children since I’m pretty sure I can guess where Rob stands on gay adoption.

Finally, he touched on religion. Religion is on the decline in Canada and this has caused people to lose their moral compass according to Rob. Without religion (and by religion, I’m positive he meant “Christian religion”, although he didn’t say so), there’s no way for people to know what’s right or wrong. “You have to feel murder and thievery are wrong” if there’s no church to tell you according to Rob. Personally, even though I’m a Liberal, I kind of feel thievery is wrong irrespective of what my Church tells me.

After listening to Rob speak for an evening, I truly hope the Liberals follow around the 10 or 12 most Anders-like Conservative MPs and wait for them to say stuff like this. It’s a strategy that can’t fail.

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