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Thanks to everyone who voted in the first round of the “Canadian Political Moment of the Decade” poll. Before I reveal the final 10, here are the 11th to 20th place finishers:

20 – 2003: Danny Williams comes to power in Newfoundland
19 – 2001: Stockwell Day forced out as Canadian Alliance leader
18 – 2008: Jean Charest wins a majority, decimating the ADQ
17 – 2006: Ralph Klein is forced out early at an Alberta PC leadership review
16 – 2000: Jean Chrétien wins his third straight majority
15 – 2006: Ed Stelmach stuns the field, winning the Alberta PC leadership race
14 – 2005: The Income Trust investigation is announced during the election
13 – 2003: David Orchard hands Peter McKay the PC leadership win, thanks to a no merger deal
12 – 2009: STV goes down to defeat in British Columbia
11 – 2003: Jean Charest knocks the PQ out of power in Quebec

All memorable events, but the top 10 blew them out of the water – it wasn’t even close.

And the top 10 offer a nice mix. Three policy decisions. One election, one leadership race, one merger. Some moments from the Chrétien years, some from the Martin years, and some from the Harper years.

I’ve set up a preferential ballot for the top 10, so just click through the link to see who made the cut. Voting will be open until midnight on Sunday night – results will stay secret until I count down the top 10 the first two weeks of January. You can vote once a day, so the old “vote early, vote often” adage certainly applies.

So argue for which moment you feel should win in the comments section, then go cast your vote!

PS – And, after that, if you’re still in the mood for more online preferential balloting, be sure to cast a ballot in the final round of the Canadian Blog Awards where I’m up for Best Political Blog.

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