April Fools Day

Not Rae’s Day

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After months of media speculation, Bob Rae has finally cleared the air on his leadership ambitions, announcing he will not run for permanent leader:

Rae Will Not Run For Permanent Leader

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae says he’s fine with the “interim” label, closing the door on the growing speculation he might run for the permanent job.

“It won’t happen” said Rae in Halifax, after a photo opp with local fishermen. “I accepted the interim position on the condition I would not run for the permanent leadership, and I’m a man of my word. Under no circumstances will I be a candidate in my party’s leadership race next year.”

When pressed about what he would do if the national executive changed the rules to allow him to run, Rae was blunt: “This isn’t about non-existent rules – this is about a politician living up to his word. It wouldn’t be fair to the other candidates if I declared after having the leadership podium for a year. You guys are going to have to find someone else to ask this question to from now on.”

LaP Returns?

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Wow. Very interesting story over at Canada.com:

MONTREAL: Sources close to Jean Lapierre indicate that the former federal Liberal Quebec lieutenant is eying a return to politics. Lapierre has privately indicated to his most trusted advisers that he’s eager to get back into the game and will toss his hat into the ring for PQ leadership should Andre Boisclair step down as the party’s leader following their third place showing last week.

Although his most recent involvement was with the federal Liberals, Lapierre is the former co-founder of the Bloc Quebecois and has many connections among sovereignists who would no doubt support the charismatic media personality’s bid should he choose to run. Lapierre has expressed interest in merging the PQ with Quebec Solidaire, to form a new permanent rainbow coalition among separatists he feels can return the movement to its left wing roots and make a legitimate run for government during the next federal election.

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